Wallet Watchlist


July 5, 2023

  • - Added support for WalletConnect V2
  • - Added support for using Safe wallets
  • - Updated Connect Wallet popup
  • - Other misc fixes

June 30, 2023

  • - Fixed issue with versions in token names/symbols showing as potentially malicious URLs
  • - Fixed issue with native token USD balances in the token selector all using the same price
  • - Other misc fixes

June 26, 2023

  • - Added Bridge tab to the swap panel
  • - Updated default Arbitrum token
  • - Other misc fixes

June 21, 2023

  • - Added backup swap path calculators when primary service provider is out
  • - Other misc fixes

June 9, 2023

  • - You can now uncollapse the technical analysis toolbar on the mobile candlestick chart
  • - Other misc fixes

June 6, 2023

  • - Fixed Owner/Deployer tab balances not being formatted
  • - Other misc fixes

June 1, 2023

  • - Fixed UI layout issue on the Explore page
  • - Failed transactions in the Owner/Deployer tab now show on mobile
  • - Owner/Deployer token balances are now shown
  • - Other misc fixes

May 27, 2023

  • - Fixed leaderboard points not matching account points
  • - Fixed candlestick chart sometimes not loading candles on lower timeframes (when there's less data)
  • - Candlestick chart timezone now matches the timezone of the user
  • - Fixed crash when adding new wallet to watchlist
  • - Other misc fixes

May 25, 2023

  • - Fixed misc issues with the Honeypot API
  • - Other misc fixes

May 20, 2023

  • - Added dex icon for Arbitrum Bridge
  • - Updated Swap Routing API (again)
  • - Fixed TG bot non-eth chains having no volume/buys/sells/trade counts
  • - Made Honeypot API more efficient
  • - Other misc fixes

May 19, 2023

  • - Updated Swap Routing API
  • - Fixed price for low market cap tokens
  • - Other misc fixes

May 15, 2023

  • - Fix slippage rounding
  • - Other misc fixes

May 14, 2023

  • - Updated Dani with more information
  • - Fixed Fantom showing up twice on the Road to 1 Billion Dashboard
  • - Fixed point number formatting on the dashboard
  • - Fixed low market cap swaps showing a higher than actual swap USD amount
  • - Other misc fixes

May 10, 2023

  • - Made calculating holder list faster
  • - Made swap panel token price fetching faster
  • - Other misc fixes

May 6, 2023

  • - Recent tokens now sort by most recent
  • - Added edit button to currently selected wallet on the desktop portfolio
  • - Fixed an issue with the desktop portfolio watchlist area dropdown for users that have a very long watchlist
  • - Other misc fixes

May 5, 2023

  • - Added points system, complete various daily and weekly tasks to earn points.
  • - Added /dashboard page, view the top users, tokens, blockchains by volume, and track your points.
  • - To increase the security of our user's accounts, you now complete a signature to add a personal wallet to your portfolio wallet list
  • - Fixed an issue with gas/native price not loading in the desktop navbar
  • - Other misc fixes

May 4, 2023

  • - Fixed an issue with the Security Scan API in regard to the deployer/owner addresses for newer tokens
  • - Other misc fixes

April 24, 2023

  • - Added the swap scanner buttons, seen on the mobile swap, to the desktop swap panel. You can use these to quickly change the chart token
  • - Other misc fixes

April 13, 2023

  • - Dani, our AI, has been added to our Telegram bot. Simply use /ask or prefix a question with "Hey Dani, " to ask her a question
  • - Desktop logged in users can view Dani conversation history and keep multiple conversations going
  • - Dani can now respond in markdown and codeblocks
  • - AI button has been updated with an image of Dani as well as our Telegram bot
  • - Popup modals now blur the background
  • - Added URL parameter support for getting to the "Buy Crypto" tab on the swap
  • - Other misc fixes

April 12, 2023

  • - Token symbol, timeframe, and studies legend are now visible on the mobile chart
  • - Dani, Dexani AI, has now has a personality, types/responds faster and stays scrolled to the bottom when new messages come in
  • - Updated swap route API when trading tokens that have a trading cooldown
  • - Fixed an issue with WalletConnect sometimes not disconnecting on the first try
  • - Other misc fixes

April 07, 2023

  • - Added command palette to the desktop verison of the app. Hit CMD + K or CTRL + K to navigate the app at lightspeed
  • - The Dexani AI is now known as Dani, updated with a lot more information
  • - Updated Honeypot API to detect even more honeypots on PancakeSwap
  • - Top tokens on the swap page will no longer show super low liquidity tokens
  • - Fixed not being able to change username sometimes
  • - Other misc fixes

March 30, 2023

  • - Added warning popup when your slippage is high
  • - Added MoonPay to the Fiat Onramp
  • - Updated swap routing when selling taxed tokens through Polygon or Arbitrum
  • - Updated the swap's "No Route Selected" icon
  • - Fixed LIF3 route icon not showing up
  • - Fixed swap layout shifting when percent buttons are unavailable
  • - Other misc fixes

March 27, 2023

  • - Mobile Dex transactions, when clicked, now show the gas used, gas limit, max priortiy gas fee, and base gas fee
  • - Fixed token search sometimes not having results for token addresses
  • - Other misc fixes

March 24, 2023

  • - Swap token amount input and fiat onramp amount inputs now show keypads on mobile instead of the whole keyboard
  • - Added Dex/route icons for Lif3, Amarok, Dinosaur Eggs, and Superfluid
  • - Fixed some fiat routes not opening correctly on some browsers/apps/devices
  • - Fixed Max Wallet warning coming up even when not trying to actually swap
  • - Other misc fixes

March 23, 2023

  • - Added Fiat Onramp, via a tab on the Desktop Swap Panel or the Wallets > Fiat button on mobile
  • - Added support for checking PancakeSwap Honeypots for pools with USDC, DAI, BUSD, or USDT
  • - Searching tokens now has more results, shows contract address, and liquidity
  • - Changed how some routes are ordered to prevent less fails
  • - Fixed Desktop Technical Analysis View being cutoff sometimes
  • - Other misc fixes

March 21, 2023

  • - Added support for 1min and 15min timeframes
  • - Added support for detecting honeypots on the ArbiDex Arbitrum dex
  • - Added Arbitrum (ARB) to the default token list
  • - Fixed an issue with the buys/sells/volume/trades charts sometimes not loading
  • - Fixed an issue where URL tokens wouldn't load in if both are native tokens
  • - Other misc fixes

March 20, 2023

  • - Added Technical Analysis View to the desktop Swap. Clicking the button, above the swap chart next to the search button, will make the chart bigger, hide the swap panel, and give a more minimal view for technical analysis
  • - Updated Security Scan API to not mark holders as malicious for previous tokens, that are now considered honeypots, that were migrated to a new token
  • - Fixed time-based holder count not showing up for the default 12H timeframe
  • - Other misc fixes

March 17, 2023

  • - Updated Polygon RPC that gets added when users don't have Polygon
  • - Fixed an issue with the percentage buttons on the swap momentarily dissappearing when swapping token sides
  • - Fixed an issue with holder list not loading for some Avalanche tokens
  • - Fixed an issue when routing some taxed tokens
  • - Other misc fixes

March 13, 2023

  • - Added Top Tokens banner to the swap page. You can click on these tokens to select them
  • - Dexani AI is now conversational, meaning it will use your current conversation as context for your next question
  • - 404 pages now redirect to Dexani AI
  • - Security Tab is now the default selected tab on the Desktop Swap
  • - Fixed an issue with gas estimations
  • - Fixed rate text when price hasn't loaded yet
  • - Other misc fixes

March 9, 2023

  • - Updated behavior when trying to sell 100% of a native token
  • - Swap panel is now more performant, quicker, and makes less requests
  • - Better initial balance behavior in the swap
  • - Fixed rare crash issue when looking at Owner/Deployer tab
  • - Fixed an issue where recent tokens were tracked incorrectly
  • - Fixed an issue where the mobile security alert would popup when it shouldn't
  • - Other misc fixes

March 8, 2023

  • - Integrated the Uniswap Universal Router and Permit2. This next-gen router is gas optimized, can swap on V2 and V3 using a split route, and results in significantly less failed transactions
  • - Updated AI with more information
  • - Ethereum tokens with a transfer delay now have an updated swap route path
  • - Fixed an issue when trying to sell the maximum amount of a token
  • - Fixed an issue when checking allowance for tokens with less than a maximum allowance
  • - Other misc fixes

March 6, 2023

  • - Added support for viewing liquidity events for Arbitrum Uniswap V3 pools
  • - Added support for detecting honeypots on Arbitrum Uniswap V3
  • - Updated Security Scan API to detect suspicious URLs in token names/symbols
  • - Updated AI with more information
  • - Security Scan API is more efficient
  • - Made warning popups more performant
  • - Fixed desktop Security Report tab sometimes not taking up all available space
  • - Other misc fixes

March 4, 2023

  • - Updated Dexani AI with more information
  • - Updated AI Page UI (added typing effect, moved input box to bottom on mobile, added loading behavior, long messages get broken up into smaller ones)
  • - Added warning popup when trying to swap a token with a max wallet
  • - Updated Security Scan API to detect more tokens with a max wallet
  • - Other misc fixes

March 3, 2023

  • - Added Dexani AI. You can ask it questions about anything that is related to cryptocurrency. Please be patient as it learns and its abilities advance. You can get to this page on the Desktop using the sidebar, or the profile dropdown on mobile
  • - Added warning/confirmation popup when attempting to swap a token that appears to be a honeypot
  • - Added helpful error popup when trying to change chains in a wallet app that doesn't support that chain
  • - Updated Security Scan API to be more accurate on newer/younger tokens in regard to taxes and being a honeypot
  • - Made some of the Security Scan results more clear
  • - Better error handling when no routes can be found
  • - Fixed Max Wallet in the Security Scan sometimes being inaccurate
  • - Fixed caution popup not being vertically centered
  • - Fixed an issue where the Security Scan API taxes wouldn't match taxes in the Swap Panel
  • - Fixed an issue with text overflowing on the desktop swap chart UI. You can now also sidescroll the stats if you are on a smaller screen
  • - Fixed latest tokens sometimes not being sorted by age
  • - Fixed an issue with non-main token liquditity count sometimes being inaccurate for Uniswap V3 and Shiba Swap pools in the Liquidity tab
  • - Other misc fixes

Feb 28, 2023

  • - Added token name scanning to the Security Scan API
  • - Made some of the Security Scan API results more clear
  • - The Liquidity tab now shows pool count and amount of liquidity of the non-main token in the pools
  • - The Retry/Help swap popup now comes up after two rejections instead of three
  • - Fixed Liquidity tab sometimes crashing when looking at a ShibaSwap pool
  • - Made some of the DEX icons more performant
  • - Other misc fixes

Feb 27, 2023

  • - Added Max Wallet to the Security Scan API. This will show if a token has a maximum amount of tokens you can hold.
  • - Added DEX icons for BabySwap, Camelot, TacoSwap, SakeSwap, Minidex, WhiteSwap, YouSwap, Verse, Thena, Hyperjump, Radioshack, and generic unknown dex icon
  • - Added support for viewing liquidity events on the following Ethereum DEX pools: CRO Swap, LinkSwap, SakeSwap, WhiteSwap
  • - Added support for viewing liquidity events on the following BSC DEX pools: BabySwap, ApeSwap, Radioshack, Hyperjump, Thena
  • - Added support for viewing liquidity events for Arbitrum Camelot DEX pools
  • - The On-Chain Activity tab headers now stay at the top when scrolling (Desktop)
  • - Fixed CRO DEX icon sometimes not showing
  • - Other misc fixes

Feb 23, 2023

  • - Added ability to reset your password (click forgot password on login popup)
  • - Added support for tokens that have a negative buy tax
  • - Added tooltips to the route selection screen for approved and best routes
  • - Clicking on a liquidity event on mobile will now open the transaction on the explorer
  • - Fixed an issue with old favorited tokens
  • - Other misc fixes

Feb 22, 2023

  • - Tapping on a holder in the mobile Holders tab now opens that address on the Explorer
  • - Updated security engine to further scan non-open source contracts
  • - You can now view Liquidity Pools for Arbitrum tokens in the Liquidity tab
  • - Added support for Arbitrum Sushi Swap pool liquidity events (tap on an Arbitrum Sushi Swap pool in the Liquidity tab)
  • - Fixed native non-Ethereum coin always showing Ethereum logo when imported from a link
  • - Fixed chart price axis for some tokens
  • - Fixed mobile holder icons being sized wrong when there's a lot of icons
  • - Other misc fixes

Feb 21, 2023

  • - Added Buy/Sell buttons to the mobile Markets page
  • - You can now see your total estimated USD swapped on your profile (must be logged into a profile to keep track)
  • - You can now see balances of your honeypot tokens in the portfolio
  • - The mobile Liquidity tab pool list is now a vertical list opposed to horizontal
  • - Added total holder count to the Holders tab
  • - Added total number of events found on the mobile Liquidity Events popup (click on a pool on the mobile Liquidity tab)
  • - Fixed portfolio honeypot tokens being included in the total value
  • - Fixed mobile portfolio token chart button linking to the wrong page
  • - Fixed mobile security alert popup buttons sometimes not linking anywhere
  • - Fixed gas issues when selling taxed Ethereum tokens
  • - Other misc fixes

Feb 20, 2023

  • - Added magnifying glass and share buttons above the chart on desktop to change tokens and share links, just like mobile
  • - Added Owner and Deployer icons to the holders tab to see if a holder is the owner and/or deployer
  • - Added support for Avalanche to the Latest Tokens on the Explore page
  • - Updated swap route selection UI icons
  • - Logging out of a profile will also log out the wallet
  • - Fixed not being able to get to login screen for users with existing accounts after being referred
  • - Misc performance tweaks
  • - Other misc fixes

Feb 17, 2023

  • - Added AirDrop page
  • - Fixed an issue with favoriting tokens
  • - Other misc fixes

Feb 16, 2023 #2

  • - Fixed some V3 pools not showing up
  • - Fixed candlestick chart price axis sometimes only showing 0.00
  • - Other misc fixes

Feb 16, 2023

  • - Added ability to view other addresses in your watchlist in the User Trades tab on the swap
  • - Holders tab now shows the top 100 holders (previously 50)
  • - Liquidity Events tab now shows up to 2000 events (previously 40)
  • - Signup popup now automatically comes up when you refer your friends
  • - Fixed an issue where disconnecting from Coinbase Wallet on the desktop wouldn't fully disconnect
  • - Fixed an issue where portfolio transactions would not load
  • - Other misc fixes

Feb 14, 2023

  • - Added referral and rewards system
  • - Added profile page. You can change your avatar and username, view your reward status, and share your referral code
  • - Added malicious holder icon to the holders list tab
  • - Address is now visible in malicious address reports in the security scan
  • - Fixed an issue in security engine where the malicious address holder rank number could be wrong
  • - Fixed Tomb Swap icon on the swap
  • - Fixed Equalizer Fantom DEX icon on the swap
  • - Fixed swap result popup when swaps fail
  • - Fixed unread changelog badge in the mobile profile dropdown not going away
  • - Other misc fixes

Feb 9, 2023

  • - Made buy/sell tax API more realtime
  • - Made desktop swap token selector bigger and added recent/common/favorites tabs like the mobile swap
  • - Fixed issue where token wasn't saving after reload when selecting from explore/home page
  • - Fixed issue where the swap panel would sometimes show a loading state when nothing was loading
  • - On the desktop swap chart, you can now go fullscreen, add basic indicators, change candle type, and take a screenshot
  • - Fixed issue where failed transactions showed as successful
  • - Other misc fixes

Feb 8, 2023

  • - Minimized error when swapping on some ETH routes
  • - Added Arbitrum to latest tokens
  • - You can now sign into a profile using Facebook
  • - The links from the share menu on the mobile markets page are now shortened
  • - Fixed issue where mobile share links had duplicate links
  • - Fixed issue where realtime latest tokens were duplicating
  • - Fixed BSC BUSD token icon
  • - Fixed PancakeSwap icon sometimes not loading in the Liquidity Pools tab on the swap
  • - Fixed PancakeSwap liquidity pool transactions sometimes not loading
  • - Fixed desktop security popup showing up when it shouldn't sometimes
  • - Fixed typo in desktop Owner/Deployer tab
  • - Lots of misc backend updates
  • - Other misc fixes

Feb 5, 2023

  • - Fixed login issue
  • - Added first iteration of blockchain filters to the explore page
  • - On the mobile explore page, the category and filters are fixed to the top for better usability
  • - Added error popup notification toast that shows when transactions fail
  • - Other misc fixes

Feb 2, 2023 #3

  • - Fixed DEX Trades token price sometimes being off
  • - Made feedback area larger and increase text limit
  • - Other misc fixes

Feb 2, 2023 #2

  • - Fixed mobile unread changelog notification not going away
  • - On the mobile swap, updated the message for native coins in the scan tab
  • - On the mobile swap, made the default selected coin the "You Receive" coin in the scan tab
  • - Other misc fixes

Feb 2, 2023

  • - Added ability to hide your address on mobile, click the address in the navbar and select hide address
  • - Added ability to swipe down to close mobile slide ups (like the transaction drawer slideups) if you are at the top of a slides content
  • - The mobile markets tab now opens the token search slideup
  • - The mobile token selector headers (Recent, Common, Favorites, search bar, blockchain filters) now stay at the top when scrolling the token list
  • - Fixed issue with mobile token selector being able to slide left and right on some devices
  • - Other misc fixes

Feb 1, 2023

  • - Made some of the security scan results more clear
  • - Fixed an issue with native coins popping up from the security scan
  • - Other misc fixes

Jan 31, 2023

  • - Squashed bugs with the Security Scan API
  • - Added wallet address under nickname on the mobile portfolio for the currently selected wallet
  • - Default swap amount is now zero instead of half of the default coin
  • - Other misc fixes

Jan 29, 2023

  • - Updated swap API to minimize chance of transactions being rejected
  • - Added tooltip for blockchain icons on the home page
  • - Header logo now navigates to home page
  • - Fixed wallet sometimes disconnecting when trying to change chains on mobile
  • - Fixed double "Wallet Disconnected" notification on mobile
  • - Other misc fixes

Jan 27, 2023

  • - Added this changelog page with unread badge
  • - Added share button to the mobile markets tab to quickly share a token as a result of user feedback
  • - Trades in the DEX Trades and Your Trades tabs are now color coded based on if it was a buy or sell
  • - Added generic contract interaction icon to mobile portfolio transactions where the contract method was generic
  • - Can now see the mobile profile dropdown (in the top right) even if you are logged out to get to feedback page, changelog page, or login
  • - Added scan tab to the mobile swap page to quickly view security reports for the tokens you are currently looking to swap
  • - Fixed scroll issue on the mobile swap
  • - Fixed portfolio transactions not updating
  • - Updated security scan API
  • - Made mobile swap UI more performant and behave better
  • - Misc UI updates to mobile transaction drawer popups
  • - Other misc fixes

Jan 26, 2023

  • - Made mobile portfolio more performant
  • - On the markets tab, on mobile, in the data tab, tabs get scrolled into the center so users know there are other tabs (did you know you can slide horizontally here?)
  • - Fixed mobile token selector scroll issue with really long token names
  • - Added drawer popup when clicking on transactions in the mobile Owner/Deployer and On-Chain Activity tabs
  • - Added link to the Feedback page on the mobile profile dropdown in the navbar
  • - Made security scan faster
  • - Other misc fixes

Jan 25, 2023

  • - Updated desktop swap UI (card details are now integrated into the swap chart panel)
  • - Made mobile security info popup more performant
  • - Added drawer popup when clicking on transactions on mobile in the DEX Trades and Your Trades tabs
  • - Added recent tokens system (keeps a list of your recent swap pairs and tokens searched)
  • - Added recent and favorite token lists to the mobile token selector
  • - Added ability to change your profile picture via profile dropdown in the navbar
  • - Added confirmation popup when logging out of a profile on mobile
  • - Other misc fixes

Jan 24, 2023

  • - Misc mobile UI updates (portfolio transactions, toast popups, mobile footer, mobile popups, feedback page, desktop navbar, explore page UI)
  • - Made explore page more performant and load quicker
  • - Latest tokens, on the explore page, now update in realtime (similar to new DEX trades on the desktop swap)
  • - Added security report icon, count, and results on the desktop swap above the swapchart, you can click these to go to the security report
  • - Better mobile portfolio navigation behavior
  • - Removed Favorites tab from explore (this is being moved)
  • - Fix wallet not fully disconnecting wallet when disconnecting via WalletConnect
  • - Added new token selector UI on mobile and is more performant over previous mobile token selector
  • - Made portfolio update more performant for wallets with a large amount of tokens
  • - Show helpful error in case of the unfortunate event of a data source outage
  • - Fixed token balances not loading into the desktop token search bar if you aren't on the swap page
  • - Other misc fixes

Jan 22, 2023

  • - Show token price in realtime DEX trades (desktop swap)
  • - Color code the active tab on the mobile footer
  • - Can swipe down on mobile transaction drawer popups to close it
  • - Can swipe down on mobile navbar drawer
  • - Misc UI updates (desktop/mobile swap, explore page, mobile asset popup, mobile layout)
  • - Added support for formatting even larger numbers (up to decillion)
  • - Other misc fixes

Jan 19, 2023

  • - Public changelog updates will begin after this entry
  • - Other misc fixes